For over 25 years E & C Johnson Company has sold quality products and instrumentation, provided training on those products, and provided technical support services to companies within the Rocky Mountain West, including Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, and Wyoming. The manufacturers that we represent are world leaders in their fields, with reliable quality, accuracy, and superior support after the sale.

Our Present Product Offerings:

Thermo Scientific NITON Analyzers provides high quality Portable XRF Alloy Analyzers, Mining and Mineral Analyzers, Environmental and Hazardous Waste Analyzers, Consumer Goods and ROHS Analyzers, and Lead in Paint Analyzers. Superior performance in a battery operated hand held or small bench-top package.

HunterLab provides instruments that measure color like the eye sees color. Products include portable battery operated color instruments, small benchtop color instruments, high quality professional color measurement spectrophotometers, and on-line color measurement instrumentation. Industries served include food, pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, building materials, plastics, and chemicals.