Precious Metals

Thermo NITON HHXRF (Hand Held X-Ray Fluorescence) for
Precious Metals and Jewelry analysis

We are proud to represent Thermo NITON Analyzers -Leader in Precious Metals Analysis with HHXRF (Hand Held X-Ray Fluorescence) or Small Benchtop (DXL) AnalyzerDXL-PM

  • Analyze for All Precious Metals Simultaneously
  • AuDit Technology for Au analysis-minimize gold fill mistakes
  • Au Karat sorting
  • Fast, Non-Destructive
  • No harsh Acids or Chemicals
  • Precious Metals Analysis for Pawn Shops to Gold Refiners

XL2 Test StandWe offer rentals by the week or PMmonth for specific projects, as well as rent to own instruments.

Improve your bottom line when buying or selling with the Thermo NITON Analyzers.

Please contact us directly at             303-457-2247 or by e-mail at

States covered include: CO, UT, WY, MT, and Southeast ID

Precious Metals Applications Brochure