Thermo NITON HHXRF (Hand Held X-Ray Fluorescence) for Alloy

We are proud to represent Thermo NITON Analyzers -Leaders in Alloy Analysis by HHXRF
(X-Ray Fluorescence).

    • Alloy IDNiton XL2 GOLDD - Alloy
  • Alloy Chemistry
  • Alloy Verification
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Metal Recycling Analysis and Sorting (Scrap metal)
  • Alloy analysis for Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Non-Destructive Metal Analysis
  • Application optimized
  • Weld material analysis

Materials Identified include Stainless Steels, Low Alloy Steels not requiring the Carbon Content, Nickel/Cobalt Alloys, Inconels, Hastaloys, Monels, Tool Steels, Coppers, Brasses, Bronzes, Titanium Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, and Duplex Alloys.

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 States covered include: CO, UT, WY, MT, and Southeast ID

PMI Brochure
Metal Fabrication Applications
Scrap Metal Applications