HunterLab?Color Instrumentation

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We are proud to represent HunterLab – The World’s True Measure of Color.

  • Portable Color Instruments
  • On-line Color InstrumentsHunter 2
  • APHA
  • Gardner
  • Haze
  • Transmission
  • Reflectance
  • Small Bench Top
  • Color Instruments
  • 45/0 Geometry
  • D/8 Geometry
  • Professional Color
  • Measurement Spectrophotometers
  • Food Color – Like your eye sees color
  • Quality Control

Hunter 5If you need to measure color reliably and repeatably, contact us to
discuss which HunterLab instrument is right for you.

Please contact us directly at 303-457-2247 or by e-mail at?

?States covered include: CO, UT, WY,?and NM.

HunterLab Color Flex
HunterLab Color Quest XE
HunterLab D25 NC
HunterLab LabScan XE
HunterLab Miniscan EZ
HunterLab UltraScan PRO
HunterLab UltraScan VIS