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Particle Size Instrumentation

Laser Diffraction Instruments







Utilizing Laser Diffraction and the Mie Light Scattering Theory, both the LA-350 and LA-960 provide Long term Laser Stability, contributing to overall accuracy of measurement within a wide variety of industries, like Pharmaceutical, Polymers, Energy, Minerals, Paper, and Pigments. Both instruments can be used with Aqueous or (optional) Solvent solutions to provide the widest variety of measurement choices.

  • LA-350 has a single laser, with a measurement range from 0.1-1000 micrometers and is used with wet solutions.
  • LA-960 has dual lasers, with an extended measurement range from 10 nanometers-5000 micrometers. A Dry measurement feeder may be added for additional capability.

Dynamic Image Analysis








Utilizing Dual Cameras with Dynamic Image Analysis for Particle Size and shape analysis, both the Camsizer P4, and Camsizer X2 provide particle size analysis for dry materials that you can see with their high speed cameras. A wide variety of industries like fracking sands, powders, and other bulk materials can be measured with the Camsizer. Stop using the labor intensive and costly sieves and get better, repeatable results with the Camsizer family.

  • Camsizer P4 is for dry, free flowing powders and bulk materials from 20 micrometers-30 millimeters.
  • Camsizer X2 is for fine powders, or powders that are “sticky” and need some help with flow.
  • Camsizer X2 features the addition of compressed air to improve sample flow on those hard to measure powders. An optional liquid measurement option is available.  Measurement sizes from 0.8 micrometers-8 millimeters.

Nanoparticle Measurement

For unmatched Visualization and measurement of Nanoparticles, the ViewSizer is the newest addition to the Horiba line of products. Utilizing Brownian Motion measurement, measure Exosomes, microvesicles, viruses, colloid stability, particle number concentration and particle size distribution, kinetic processes, aggregation and dissolution with accurate and repeatable measurements. The unique 3 laser design provides the widest range for nanoparticle measurement, and the ability to “see” what other instruments miss. Size range for the ViewSizer 3000 is 10 nanometers-15 micrometers.

Other Particle Size Measurements

  • Measure Nanoparticles and Zeta Potential with the SZ-100 analyzer.
  • Measure Surface Area of your particles with the SA-9600 analyzer.

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